Freelance Web Developer – Neil Pie

Hello, my name is Neil and welcome to my site.

I’m a freelance web developer, focusing mostly on WordPress these days but also working on some ninja skills for the Yii framework.

I’m never happier than when staring at a flickering screen with line and lines of code on it, while helping somebody get their web site to do something that it doesn’t. Call me a simple man, but that’s all it takes.

In my spare time I like to create lo-fi and skiffle music with anyone that wants to get involved. I record it, put it out there and if I get time I make videos. None of  it’s going to win awards or make me a million, but it’s raised a smile on a few peoples faces, which is pretty much the point, right? Have a look if you’re not too busy with work. And if you are, take a break…


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