I’m perfectly happy to accept that I’m not much of a writer. I’m also perfectly happy to accept that auto-feeding all my Twitter status updates into my blog was probably a bad idea and the reason that I stopped updating it.

Rewind a second… Who am I trying to kid there? the reason that I stopped updating is because I didn’t have the time any more. Work became super-busy (which is nice) and Laura-Jane severely injured her back (which isn’t nice) leaving me pretty much on sole parenting duty for a few months over the summer. Anything that didn’t involve a two-year old or earning money to pay the bills pretty much went on hold. Networking, studying, the podcast, the videos, exercise, socialising – everything.

That’s not really the issue. Now Laura’s back is almost better, the problem is that I am still keeping everything else on hold. I find myself working whenever possible out of habit more than anything else, telling myself that everything else will have to wait until I don’t have any work to do.

Here’s the rub – I’m a freelancer. If I don’t have any work to do then that’s a pretty serious problem. To put it in context; I keep a running to do list, the last item of which is ‘get a job or sign on’ – this keeps it clear in my mind that being busy and having lots on is not just a good thing, but the permanent state that I should be aiming for. Therefore it follows that I just have to make the time for all the other stuff that I want / need to be doing. Either that or rule it out altogether.

I make time for my son. I can do that. The phone goes off, the inbox builds up and we play or go swimming or read stories or any number of other things. I need to make time the same to study. To exercise. To write. To record. I can do that too.

So this is me, making the mental decision to do so on the side of Christmas where it actually means something. I look forward to still being here in 12 months…






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