Googling with Laura-Jane

Not strictly something she said, but something worth a mention all the same.

Sat in my chair the other night feeding our two week old son, and Laura-Jane walks in and wants to show me something related to babies on the internet. Awesome. I love baby stuff on the internet, it’s one of my all time top 5 stuffs on the internet.

Admittedly we both had about 2 hours sleep between us at this point due to our son deciding that he doesn’t want to be put down at any point between midnight and 8AM, but still it brought a smile to my face when I watched Laura-Jane sit down in front of my machine, think for a second, then type the word ‘google’ into Google, click on the first search result (i.e. Google) and then proceed to google whichever bit of baby stuff she was trying to show me. I forgot that part.  I won’t forget the googling incident for a while though…






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