Monthly Archives: January 2012

Destructive Rampage

“Destructive Rampage”

Those are two words that every parent wants to hear when they pick their toddler up from nursery, aren’t they?

While his mother and I go over what should be done, we turn to our respective social networks for any form of opinion or support. Laura-Jane’s friends came back with well crafted and reasoned responses full of advice, experience, links and generally well intended words of encouragement. Mine, on the other hand, came back consistently with the same response…

“Good lad”

I couldn’t help but raise a smile.



My last stock photograph

For some reason last year I obviously had cause to purchase Istockphoto credits, because I received an email the other day informing me that I had a bunch of them left over and about to expire. Not wanting to take away from working photographers and give to Istock, I  jumped in to look for an image to buy for no other purpose than to use up my 2 remaining credits.

An hour later of spiralling down the stock photo timesink, I got fed up and searched for ‘desperate’, ordered by reverse number of downloads and bought the last photo. For some reason this photo had never been downloaded before. Can’t think why.

Worth noting – it took EVERY bit of energy I have to not buy this photo that came up for ‘weird’, although now I somewhat regret that decision…